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Games for MFL lessons: "Guess who?"

¡Hola a todos!

Throughout the years I have come across many activities and some have worked really well, others not as much, but having an exciting starter/plenary/game it's definetely a great way to engage learners. Today I am going to talk about one of my favourites...

¿Quién es quién? (Guess who)

This game is great fun! And students love taking part and trying to guess the character. If you are doing the topic of hair and eyes or physical descriptions it's a no brainer. However, it is not the only topic this game is good for. It can also work with others like animals, food, clothes, etc. Watch this short video to know how it works!

If you like this game you can download the template below. You will find three different slides with three different character descriptions. It is also completely editable but be aware that you will need to change the animations for each picture. If you'd just like to translate the clues to another language, simply move the yellow boxes to one side, edit the clues, and put them back where they were.

Guess who_template
Descargar PPTX • 501KB

I hope you like it! I would love to hear how it goes if you use it in the classroom!

See you soon!


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