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Retrieval practice activity

¡Hola! I hope you are all ok. Since my Instagram / Facebook post was liked by quite a few people and I have had a few messages about a template, I am sharing this activity in Porwer Point format with you. It is completely editable so you can change it and adapt it to your lessons. Download the file below!

Retrieval practice activity
Descargar PPTX • 66KB

So just to give you a bit of context. I used the following grid with my Year 11 students. I usually do a colour match in which they have to colour the Spanish and English matches in the same colour. But this time I changed it a bit and they had to colour code the cells according to the different topics. They actually really liked this activity and every single person was trying to colour in the words and figure out the meanings at the same time.

In the Power Point I have included my follow up activity too. I asked my students to give me the meaning of some of the words on the table. Then, I used some of those words for translation into Spanish too. You can see it below.

So I hope you like this activity and it is useful for you. But mainly, I hope it saves you time!

Thank you for popping by and see you soon with more resources and ideas!

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