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Games for MFL lessons: "Connect 4"

Who hasn't played this in a classroom before? The good thing is that this game it is always a winner. Here is my own version of it.

In order to play, click on a checker once for it to go red, and twice for it to go yellow.

I play this game two different ways:

Option 1

I usually use this version for students to conjugate verbs, although this could be changed. Instead of personal pronouns (left) and verbs (top) you could just have different words or sentences for them to translate.

Option 2

This option is probably more straight forward but it takes a little bit longer to set up. This time simply write words in the TL or English on each checker and the student would have to translate the word before being allowed to make red or yellow.

You can download the template here:

Conecta 4
Descargar PPT • 435KB

Do you like this version of the game? Do you play this any other way? Would love to hear from you!


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