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This homework booklet includes different activities for the different lessons of Viva 2 - Module 3 - ¡A comer!.


It includes:

  • Vocab page with everything they need to know from M3, including information about the near future tense and a reminder of how to conjugate regular verbs in the present and the past.
  • Instructions on how to use the booklet
  • Lesson 1 - ¿Qué te gusta comer? - 3 activities
  • Lesson 2 - ¿Qué desayunas? - 3 activities
  • Lesson 3 - En el restaurante - 3 activities
  • Lesson 4 - ¿Qué vamos a comprar? - 3 activities
  • Lesson 5 - Working with three tenses together - 4 activities


The booklet is thought for students to be able to choose how much they want to do, with all of them attempting at least the first activity and deciding if they would like to go any further. However, I include the file as a PPT (as well as PDF) so if this is not something you would like to do you can always edit the document to your liking).


The design is in black and white to cut down on printing costs.

Viva 2 - Módulo 3 - Homework booklet

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