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Complete pack to teach Viva 1 - Módulo 2. This pack includes.

  • All the resources students will need throughout the half term. They are all together as a booklet that you can print either in A4 or A5. The design has been made in B&W to cut down on costs. The booklet is included as PPT format and it is completely editable.
  • Vocabulary pages.
  • 7 lessons in Power Point with answers to all activities. It goes along nicely with Viva 1 textbook. It includes lots of extra activities. All lessons completely editable too. It does not include listening files as this are provided by the exam boards and must be purchased separately.
  • Includes a few pages with revision activities that students can complete before the assessment.
  • Assessment
  • Assessment feedback form



Spanish KS3 - Viva 1 - Módulo 2 - Complete pack

SKU: V1M2pack
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