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This is the first part of the end of year revision I am creating for my Year 8 Spanish groups. It covers Modules 1 and 2 and the following topics:

  • Countries
  • Transport
  • Time expressions in the past
  • The preterite tense (plus two irregular verbs - hacer, ir)
  • Describing a past holiday
  • Music genre / artists that you like
  • Talking about TV programmes.


This resource includes:

  • Answer key
  • 8 sides of A4 (so 4 pages)
  • Vocab sheet
  • Vocab activities (ie, crossword)
  • Authentic reading activities with some GCSE style exercises).
  • Translation practice into both TL and English.

KS3 Spanish - Viva 2 (Yr8) - Revision booklet for Modules 1 and 2

SKU: SPANyr8eoy1
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