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I have created this escape room for the end of year, to still be able to have students working but to do something a bit more fun with them.


The escape room has 10 puzzles that students have to solve. Give them the first one and check that they have the correct code, then keep giving them in order as they complete each one.


The topics that the 10 puzzles cover are:

- Food

- Clothes

- Means of transport

- Body parts

- Mix (family, personality, what you do at the weekend using near future tense)

- Hair & eyes

- Connectives and time expressions

- Town and region

- The time

- Mix (general knowledge of vocab such as pets, animals, subjects, verbs, etc).


It is an ideal activity for years 7 and 8. It could also work with some year 9 groups (mixed ability, bottom sets).


The resource comes with 4 files:

- 1 Escape Room (PPT) with instructions in English.

- 1 Escape Room (PPT) with instructions in Spanish (up to you which one you think will work with your groups.

- 2 pdfs (both PPTs made pdfs)


The resource is completely editable, so if you want to change, add, edit anything to fit your needs, you are able to do so.

KS3 Spanish - End of year - Escape Room

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