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This is a booklet I have made for my students to prepare for the third task of the speaking exam. 


This first theme has 3 different subtopics (1. Who am I?, 2. Daily life, 3. Cultural life). For each of the different topics I have included 9 questions. 


I have also done two different booklets (booklet A and booklet B). The questions on each booklet are different, to give some variety to students questions. There are some common questions too.


This resource also includes all questions in flashcards so that the students can transfer their answers to them (once they are happy with them) and revise.


The booklet also includes and overview of all the topics and the AVOCADO idea for students to know what their answers should include:
A - Adjectives
V - Verbs and tenses
O - Opinions
C - Connectives
A - Adverbs
D - Detail
O - Originality


The resource is also editable and each booklet is included in PPT as well as PDF.

GCSE Spanish - Conversation booklet - Theme 1 (Identity and culture)

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