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This is a lesson I have created for module 5 (Ciudades) - Unidad 2 - ¿Qué haremos mañana?.


We use Edexcel in my school but I am sure it can be useful for AQA or easily adapted.


This lesson includes:

- A starter task that focus on revision of the weather.

- Retrieval practice: using other tenses previously learned (present, preterite, imperfect, perfect, near future). There is a verb table to complete.

- A variety of activities (vocab, translation, reading, etc).

- Homework.


All answers included and embedded in Power Point.

The document is a Power Point file and completely editable.


*Please note that file sounds must be purchased from the exam board and that I cannot provide them.

GCSE lesson - Module 5 - Unidad 2 (¿Qué haremos mañana?)

SKU: GCSE_M5_U2lesson
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