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This is a knowledge organiser I have created for my A-Levels students on the topic of family. We use Edexcel and we study this topic only for Spain, so there are no references to Hispanic America. However, the resource is editable (although some fonts might be missing).


I would recommend printing this resource in A3, although it could also work on A4, but students will have less space to write.


On one side of the document students find all the notes and information they need to know about how the concept of family has changed throughout the years. There are five headings to go with this:

  • La influencia de la Iglesia Católica en el concepto de familia tradicional.
  • El declive de la tasa de natalidad y sus consecuencias.
  • La evolución de las familias espanolas en la actualidad.
  • Algunos retos sociales que enfrentan las familias espanolas.
  • El papel de los mayores (abuelos) en la familia.


On the other side of the document students will find a total of 11 activities that they need to complete. All answers are included


This is a great revision tool for the last few lessons before the exam… MORE TOPICS COMING SOON!

A Level Spanish - Los cambios en la familia - Knowledge organiser and activities

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