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UPDATED 2022: I have added one more page with a short reading (an article from the news - August 2022 + 3 more activities).


This is a lesson I have created on the topic of immigration. This resource includes:

  • A Power Point presentation with information on the following topics:
    • Datos sobre la inmigración española.

      • ¿De dónde vienen los inmigrantes?

      • ¿Por qué se van de su país?

    • Las olas migratorias de España.
      • Primera: finales siglo XIX – 1929
      • Segunda: 1961 – 1973
      • Finales del siglo XX
    • La ‘fuga de cerebros’ del siglo XXI

*The Power Point includes 8 activities with answers and a homework task.

*There are also links to two videos with comprehension activities for students to complete after/while watching.


  • A pdf file with the information written in the Power Point and activities for students to complete.

A Level Spanish - Immigration - Introduction and context

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