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I have created this escape room for the end of year, to still be able to have students working but to do something a bit more fun with them.


I am going to use it with year 12 but it would be good revision at the start of year 13 as well.


The escape room has 10 puzzles that students have to solve. Give them the first one and check that they have the correct code, then keep giving them in order as they complete each one. There is a slide with the instructions in the Power Point


The topics that the 10 puzzles cover are:

- The present tense - regular verbs

- The present tense - irregular verbs

- Ser and estar

- Preterite vs. imperfect.

- Future tense

- Conditional sentences

- Present perfect

- Por and para

- Direct and indirect object pronouns

- Verbs linked to prepositions


The resource comes with 2 files:

- Escape Room (PPT file - editable version).

- Escape Room (PDF file - not editable).


If you like this product, I would really appreciate it if you leave a review.

A Level Spanish - Grammar Escape Room

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