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Games for the MFL classroom: "1, 2, 3... ¡Acción!"

Actualizado: 24 ene 2022


Today I am coming with another template that has been quite popular in my lessons lately. The credit goes to @tarrodeidiomas and I have adapted it to my own style and format and I made up a name for it.

For this activity, you will need four different categories. In this case, as you can see in the picture, I have gone for "masculine singular", "feminine singular", "masculine plural" and "feminine plural".

Then to start, a black circle with a vocab expression will appear. See below...

At this point, students will have to do one of the four actions. So for example, if they think "el queso" is masculine singular (which it is), they will put both hands up. I always use the first one as an example to make sure they understand what they are doing.

The other actions would be to stand up, to lift their exercise book up and the fourth one is to clap. You can change the actions if you want. The vocab expressions keep appearing in black one by one, turning to the correct colour with one click of your mouse of just by pressing the right arrow of your keyboard as if you were moving to the next slide.

The main reason why I like this game so much if because it is easy. I used to do this in a very similar way with mini whiteboards, and also with A, B, C, D cards instead of actions. But with this template, and being the lazy teacher that I am, I don´t have to give students anything! and it is equally as fun!

I hope you liked this game. You can download my template here. Also if you want more ideas on games follow Laura @tarrodeidiomas. She is an inspiration and never fails to impress me with her resources and ideas.

1, 2, 3... acción
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